Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brazio?

Brazio is a Peer-2-Peer cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, designed to facilitate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency in Brazil. Like Bitcoin, Brazio is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency. Anyone can mine and earn Brazio with their computers.

How Can I Mine Brazio?

A mining guide for Brazio is available here. You will need a computer with a GPU (dedicated graphics card), not integrated graphics. When your computer begins mining, you should leave it for at least a few hours. You should also leave your Brazio-qt wallet open, to be notified when the pool pays you Brazio coins.

What is Proof of Work?

Proof of Work is a consensus method used by cryptocurrencies to process transactions and distribute coins. For Brazio, the proof of work method is a mathematical race, in which Brazio miners' computers compete. By winning the mathematical race (known as mining a block), the participant's computer is helping to secure the network and is rewarded with Brazio coins. A random chance element ensures that the distribution remains fair between participants.

How Can I Earn Brazio?

You can earn Brazio by joining our bounty campaign on bitcoin talk, or by mining Brazio (See Mining Guide)

Where Can I Get Tech Support?

You can talk with the Brazio development team and community support team at Our Support Channel on Discord