The Secure Digital Asset for Brazil

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Brazio is a secure digital currency, providing the people of Brazil a doorway into the cryptocurrency revolution. With all the robust features of a secure blockchain, Brazio provides anonymous and virtually instant transactions, with which a third party cannot interfere. Brazio can be mined by anyone.

Mobile Wallet

Control your Brazio seamlessly with a user-friendly mobile application

A Leap Forward in P2P Currency

  • Discreet Payments

    Send and receive payments anonymously with the Brazio blockchain.

  • Secure Your Assets

    Brazio is secured with cutting edge cryptographic algorithms that ensure your funds remain safe

  • Transact Virtually Instantly

    The Brazio blockchain can support a high volume of transactions virtually instantly

Discover the New Financial Instrument of Brazil

Brazio is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency, so anyone with a computer can mine it and join the cryptocurrency revolution.

  • Open Source
  • 4000+ Blocks Mined
  • ASIC Resistant
  • User-Friendly
  • Fair Distribution

Brazio is a cryptocurrency, designed with the interests of the people of Brazil at heart. By using Brazio, you are transacting on a secure, discreet blockchain, that cannot be censored or restricted by any government or malicious party. Brazio is easy to use, and transactions both low in fees and virtually instant. Brazio is designed to be mined most effectively on personal computers. Unlike traditional cryptocurrency, Brazio's mining distribution is optimised for every day computers, rather than specialised mining hardware.

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